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Joe and Sandra Belanger

Alonzo Carrington (Musician)

Penny Christiaans

Ron Clark

Ray Doupe (Musician)

Michelle Edwards

Al Eminger (Sponsor)

Doug and Carrie Eyre (Musician)

Gerry Ferns (Musician)

John Flesh (Musician)

Andy and Kathy Grainger

James Henderson

Heather Inger

Mike Judd

Lucinda Jones

George Karigan (Sponsor)

Ollie Marcoux

Darren & Catherine Martin

Garrett Moore

Michael Schatte (Musician)

Ray D. and Laurel Hayes

Jackie Wilson-Thody

James MacDonald

Jane and Scott Jackson

Ron Stutt (Musician)

Bill Smyrnios

Brenda Taylor

Marc and Debbie Shickluna (Musician)

Jim Whitehead and Jennifer Grant (Musician)

Wendy Young

Linda Pimperton

Roger (Chipper) Salts

Rowena Williams and Bernie Capitano

Jeff Robb

Brian Webb

Ed Krahn (Musician)

Steve Elkerton

Phil Strong and Gwen Losee

Mikey Ethelston and Debbie Strachon (Musician)

Tom Lockwood (Musician)

Ken and Linda Stuart

and ..... Welcome Back!!!!

Nick Batticuore

Steve Bellyk

Mike and Nancy Billone

Michael Collins

Tom and Barb Delorey

Larry and Heather Dunster

Greg and Joanne Hass

Bob, Jack and Ryan Hebblethwaite

Kevin Herron

Richard Joyce

Brad Harwood and Sue Kisch

Charles Manuel

Gary and Susan McAlpine

Dave Morrice

Ernie Raftis and Livia Keidan

Pegg Saunders

Gord and Debbie Turnbull

Wayne and Sandy Mann

Bonnie Tucker

Brian Watson and Cindy Dickie

Nancy Martin

Bernie Wielgosz

Denis and Lucy Burns

Les Sonier

Derek Kemp

Scott Jackson

Andrew Parr

Joe and Véronique Goverde

Brian Bailey and Carolyn Miles

Peter Burger

Bryan Pratt

Gerry Norris

Joe O'Neill

Rick "Catfish" Bardawill

Marivsz and Ilona Kowalski

Heather Inger

Harvey Sharpe and Elizabeth Downing

Paul Therkildsen

Joe and Sandra Belanger

Peter and Suzanne VanSlyke

Gail Verweel

Bryan Prytulak




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