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Rowbust Blues

January 13, 2018 8:00 PM

Rowbusts core values are: Integrity, Respect and Dedication to Excellence. These values are incorporated into every team decision we make and help to ensure a positive, meaningful experience for all members.


Rowbust competes in Regional, National and International dragon boat racing competitions. They are EIGHT TIME (2010 – 2017) National Champions, as well as TWO TIME Club Crew World Champions (CCWC) in the BCS division.


Prior to 2010 there was not a BCS division at the Canadian National level and it was Rowbust who were pioneers in getting the division recognized by Dagon Boat Canada.  Gaining National recognition meant Rowbust were eligible to compete at the CCWC who, in 2014, opened its doors to the BCS division for the first time!


In 2014, Rowbust travelled to Ravenna, Italy for the CCWC and paddled their way to win GOLD in three race distances of 200m, 500m and 2000m! Returning to CCWC in Adelaide, Australia in 2016 they successfully defended their title to become two-time Club Crew WORLD Champions.


Now Rowbust has the opportunity to defend their title for a third time in Szeged, Hungary for the 2018 International Dragon Boat Federation CCWC in July.  They will race against other BCS teams from Canada, Hungary, Australia, France, Italy and the USA, among other nations.


July 2018 also marks the 5th International Breast Cancer Paddler’s Commission Dragon Boat Festival in Florence, Italy.  This event, held every four years, is specifically for BCS teams from around the world to gather, and race, in the ultimate celebration of Survivorship & Sisterhood!


Rowbust is nothing if not dedicated to their sport, and therefore, are committed to a hectic training schedule to prepare for these competitions.


Come on out and support these amazing women as they strive to defend their title!!!

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